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165180_10150330368700024_3037612_nWith over 15 years of production experience, Flash Forward Productions has proven to be one of the most trusted and experienced Film Production Companies in Johannesburg. Besides from winning a SAMA award for the Parlotones’ Music Video ‘It’s Magic,’ Flash Forward is the proud Producer of The South African Comedy Awards and has produced content for internationally renowned broadcasters such as Multi-choice, Comedy Central and Fashion One, with over 100 million viewers worldwide. With a reality show on the move together with an action-drama TV series in development, Flash Forward is setting new standards for competing Film and Television Production Companies in South Africa.

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The standard of Film Production Companies in South Africa

Television and film production companies in South Africa have hit a plateau and it’s time to raise the standard of content that is being pumped out. In comparison to international content, we still have a long way to go. If only we could start integrating corporate product placement and sponsorship into narrative projects, we could raise the production value of TV Series and Feature Films allowing Film Production Companies to produce top quality local content executed at an international production value. We believe that film and television lovers deserve more than what they are currently receiving and by raising the bar, will force all local Film Production Companies to raise their game.

Our Film Production Company’s objective is to originate and execute new, exciting and innovative productions that are currently absent for South African audiences. Flash Forward consists of a young passionate team highly knowledgeable and competent in the field of filmmaking. We have a strong, grounded understanding of story as a vehicle for entertainment and we have clearly pinpointed the gap in the market for new, fresh and exhilarating stories that will keep viewers glued to their seats.

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When deciding between multiple Film Production Companies in South Africa, a common error is to select the first Film Production Company at the top of Google. While some production companies may be injecting large budgets into online marketing campaigns, their standard of work and credibility may not match their marketing budgets. In order to select the best out of an array of Film Production Companies in South Africa, one should look at their amount of experience in the Film Industry, Awards they have won, the quality and versatility of their Film Production work and previous clients, brands and broadcasters that the Film Production Companies have serviced.


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