Flash Forward Productions Sama-award


Flash Forward Productions and Flaming Frames Productions are teaming up to produce a high-end action drama feature film titled, H.O.S.

After 5 years of blood sweat and tears, the team has acquired a high-end 24 minute pilot, a full cast, synopsis and character breakdown and they now at the initiation stage of the development process.

The film revolves a young middle class man, Lerumo, who works as a fidelity guard and suddenly is faced with a life- changing dilemma. Due to his financial difficulties, his pregnant girlfriend is on the verge of an unwilling abortion. After several failed attempts to acquire more money, he decides to accept his friend’s offer to form a crew with the intention of planning and executing ATM bombings. But of course, nothing goes as planned.

Our intension with this production is to break cinematic boundaries in South Africa; to create a new standard of filmmaking that can be enjoyed by audiences local and abroad, while still strongly maintaining the South African flavour. Together with a groundbreaking, culturally relevant narrative and the assurance of an uncompromising international production value, this film is guaranteed to be an unwavering success across the country.