Our Fully Equipped Outside Broadcast Van in South Africa

OB VAN-v2 (1)Whether it’s a live concert, a year-end function, a product launch or an awards evening, we will capture your event with anywhere from 4 to 16 cameras, edited and projected live to screen or live to air with our fully equipped HD OB Van. Being the proud multi-camera producer of the South African Comedy Awards, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and numerous live shows at Gold Reef City and Carnival City, we have mastered the art of covering live shows and events for the corporate and television industry at large. With our fully equipped state of the art OB Van or flight kit for live mixing together with broadcast quality HD cameras operated by the best camera-men in the industry, Flash Forward will transform your event into a world-class production.

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Award Winning OB Van Company in Johannesburg

With over 15 years of outside broadcast experience, we have successfully produced multiple sporting events, international concerts, corporate events and awards ceremonies.

Our fully digital High Definition OB Van in Johannesburg case solutions is used for Outside Broadcasts as well as an array of Event Recordings across the country. Besides form being fully portable, multi-definition outputs are available for any possible application, digital or analogue displays, 16:9 or 4:3, satellite uplink or internet streaming. Our OB Van is capable of Full HD, 1920×1080 uncompressed, anywhere up to 16 cameras, 4ch instant replay server, 32 input 5.1ch audio desk, operated by only the most high-tech crew in the country.

The benefit of using our OB Van services is that we have we offer full mobility to any city within and around South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, where we have an abundance of highly skilled television crew within each city. From small conferences to stadium events, Flash Forward Productions is your solution to all your Outside Broadcast Requirements.

Our OB Services in South Africa

Besides for winning a SAMA Award, having produced the South African Comedy Awards multiple years in a row, has been only a stepping-stone to many more world-class outside broadcast productions as mentioned below.

In the realm of Live Music, we have provided OB Van Units and produced concerts for some of the following local and international artists: Kanye West, James Blunt, Drake, Parlortones & Andrea Bocelli; not to mention numerous

Within the realm of Comedy, we have produced shows for some of the following local and international comedians: Russel Peters, Jimmy Carr, Barry Hilton, Nic Rabinowits, SA Comedy Awards, Comedy Central Live Sex Show, John Vlismas, Trevor Gumbe, Tumi Morake, Ndumiso Lindi.

In addition to our OB Van facilities, we also offer advanced live streaming services to and from any country in the world. With our high-speed back-end servers and our tailored on-site internet connectivity, we will ensure that your event is not only shot in style but streamed to multiple countries in order to reach your desired viewers.


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