Award Winning Video Production Companies in South Africa

Flash Forward Productions is one of South Africa’s top award winning film and video production companies offering an array of production services from corporate video production, 2D and 3D animation, Multi-camera and live outside broadcast services to music videos and TV commercial production. As one of the leading video production companies in Johannesburg, we are fully equipped with an array of state of the art HD cameras, sound gear and lighting, as well as highly experienced staff to accommodate all your production needs. With over 15 years of industry experience, we have serviced some of South Africa’s top advertising agencies and well-renowned brands such as Brandhouse, Clover, De Beers, Growth-point, Nedbank, Nintendo and Microsoft to name a few.

Rated one of the Best Production Companies in South Africa

After winning a SAMA Award, Flash Forward has been rated one of the best production companies in South Africa. We have produced world-class content for numerous broadcasters such as Comedy Central, Multi-choice and Fashion One, with over 100 million viewers worldwide. Our objective is to originate and execute new and exciting content while relaying a brand’s message.

While story is our forte, our company caters for every area of a production from start to finish. We pride ourselves in following through on our promises and impressing clients, broadcasters and the South African public by exceeding expectations with every new exciting project we undertake. We strive to maintain our high standard of video production and cinematic execution while building solid relationships with our clients and contractors and in doing so, we aim to uphold our consistent reputation.

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How to select from all the Production Companies in South Africa

Before you even start on searching for production companies in South Africa, you would need to know what type of production you’re seeking.

Then comes the research task; and we suggest you don’t just merely proceed with the first result but rather take the time to look through the companies’ clients and portfolios, assessing there creativity and more importantly their ability & versatility to execute video productions across all genres.

Working with a complete all-in-one production house who offers an array of services is also more convenient and effective, instead of having to deal with multiple service providers for one single project.

Why Choose Flash Forward

our working processin 3 simple steps

Video production can be a daunting task but at Flash Forward Productions, we like to keep things simple & straightforward...

Concept Development

•Client Briefing
• Creative Brainstorming
• Scripting

Content For Production

• Pre-Production
• Planning
• Filming

Post Production

• Editing & Animation
• Music, Voiceover & Sound
• Delivery to Client

Quote Options

Work Within Your Budget

At Flash Forward we work in alliance with your budget. We have implemented a very unique variable quoting system that gives you the choice to decide. Whether you go with our Premium, Standard or Budget option, we will be able to tailor our quotations to accommodate your budget requirements whilst still maintaining the finest level of production quality.

Meet The Team

Flash Forward consists of a young highly talented team of experts in their fields; from multi-award winning directors and producers to cinematographers, camera operators, editors and animators. Every member of our team understands the uncompromising standard of quality that Flash Forward represents and while it is imperative for us to ensure client satisfaction with every project we deliver, so too is it imperative that every project we release meets our company standards, in order to maintain our national reputation as one of South Africa’s Top Video Production Companies.

With the latest state of the art equipment, our team of industry experts will execute your production from concept to completion at world-class standards. From brainstorming, storyboarding, scripting and pre-production all the way through to production and post-production, we have mastered the art of motion picture and storytelling across all genres and platforms. Our innate ability to construct emotionally engaging content that keep audiences intrigued or drives viewers to take action, is what sets Flash Forward aside from all video production companies in Johannesburg.

When looking for a video production company, it is always a good decision to keep everything under one roof instead of relying on multiple different providers across different genres of video production to all come to the table and deliver. By offering a magnitude of service offerings, Flash Forward’s crew is able to take care of each and every aspect of the project, ultimately giving clients peace of mind knowing that they can deal with one point of contact and still receive a final product of the highest quality.