Why Video Marketing is the Future

Online Video Marketing and Promotional Videos has been more sought after in the past 30 days, than within the past 30 years of television content. Business owners stand on a pivotal point in having to choose the right company to create their Video Productions. At Flash Forward Productions, we not only create engaging marketing videos but we assist in creating the a long-term roll out strategy of video content in order to deliver your message from brief to online execution.

The other important factor is the turn-around time of the marketing video, as alternative companies tend to take a long longer to deliver, whilst most lack the knowledge of subtly injecting the psychology sales in each video that is produced. Being the leading company in South Africa in the production of online marketing videos, we understand what social media fans engage with and most importantly, how to hold their short-lived attention span.

Some of Our Clients

Our Approach to Documentary Filmmaking

With our Multi-Award Winning Documentary Film Directors in-house, each documentary is thoroughly fleshed out from concept to final script, with our client providing feedback and approval every step of the way. From concept development and pre-production all the way through to production and post-production, we have mastered the art of Documentary storytelling across all genres and platforms.

Using only South Africa’s top D.O.Ps and supporting crew, we ensure that every documentary production that we undertake, supersedes our clients’ standards and expectations, but more so, every doci we produce is of an unwavering international production value and level of quality.

Our Showreel

What our Documentary Film Production Company has produced

Furthermore, Flash Forward is the preferred South Africa Documentary Film Production Company for China Plus, a channel and online platform with over 20 million viewers.

We successfully produced a documentary called ’Eco-Fashion’ which focuses on the new trend for designers to start using eco-friendly fabrics and materials in commercial fashion pieces. Not only did this documentary makes waves across the globe, but after the incredible ratings, Flash Forward become the preferred African Documentary Film Production Company for Fashion One international.

Our first documentary we produced was a highly acclaimed 48 minute documentary, Phakathi, in 2007 which means “In the Middle” focusing on the disillusioned concept on middle class in Soweto. In this investigative documentary film, we follow 5 characters who come from different background and have massive gaps between each other in wealth, education and housing. From unemployed and homeless to multi-entrepreneurs with beautiful houses, we investigate why all of them consider themselves middle class.