Why Video Marketing is the Future

Online Video Marketing has been more sought after in the past 30 days, than within the past 30 years of television content. Business owners stand on a pivotal point in having to choose the right company to create their Video Productions. At Flash Forward Productions, we not only create engaging marketing videos but we assist in creating the a long-term roll out strategy of video content in order to deliver your message from brief to online execution. The other important factor is the turn-around time of the marketing video, as alternative companies tend to take a long longer to deliver, whilst most lack the knowledge of subtly injecting the psychology sales in each video that is produced. Being the leading company in South Africa in the production of online marketing videos, we understand what social media fans engage with and most importantly, how to hold their short-lived attention span.

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Video Marketing for Your Company

The importance of selling products and services within the realm of video marketing is becoming more and more evident. Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to the product or service before visiting a store and ensuring that your marketing video is at the top of the search platform in order to dominate a market. Companies who are utilizing video marketing are converting more than 45% of the average qualified leads and those utilizing video marketing for products, are seeing 25% – 35% higher sales than articles and written descriptions, as more consumers react to motion pictures than text. There many different types of Video marketing options to choose from, such as Corporate Videos, Animated Explainer Videos, Online Training Videos and Product demos, Video testimonials and Live Streaming.

The Impact of Video Marketing in South Africa

Globally renowned Hubspot has dubbed 2017 “The year of video marketing.“ With the ability to stand out and communicate multiple brand messages across multiple online platforms with the same marketing video in South Africa has been a newfound realization for South African Advertising Agencies. A single Video can give the consumer a quick overview of the product or brand in a matter of seconds as well as offer a two way communication street for the consumers to converse directly with the company or advertisers. The true benefit is video tracking allows agencies gain vital behavioral data from the users. With over 70% of people choosing a web video over reading text, for companies and agencies, this means that the consumer is more likely to purchase the product or service on offer. There are more than 8 million people in South Africa visiting YouTube and with advanced analytics, companies and agencies can now track exactly who is watching what, how long they’re watching for and advanced engagement with the video, while simultaneously increasing the brand’s visibility.


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