Who We Are

Flash Forward Productions is a Multi Award-Winning Global Film, Television, Video Production and Live Events Company specializing in an array of services such as Corporate Video Production, Events and Launches, Live Outside Broadcast Services and Live Streaming, Animation and TV Commercial Production to name a few. Our innate objective is to assist brands and businesses achieve their marketing goals.

We believe that videos are produced to relay emotive messages that deliver results! Our Video Production Company produces world-class content that is effective in driving action by creating video productions based on targeted strategies that connect with the target audience; while our Eventing department is committed to producing World-Class experiences.

With over 20 years of video production and eventing experience, we have serviced an array of large business organizations and world renowned agencies such as IBM USA, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Nissan, Sanlam, Investec, DHL, Momentum, PWC, De Beers, Bidvest, Clover, Standard Bank, Shoprite Group, Garnier, Growthpoint Properties, Nedbank, Joe Public, McCann Global, The Creative Counsel and Off Limit Communications to name a few.

Meet The Team

Flash Forward consists of a young, highly talented team of experts in their fields. From multi award-winning directors, producers & event managers to cinematographers, camera operators, editors and animators, every member of our team understands the uncompromising standard of quality that Flash Forward represents and while it is imperative for us to ensure client satisfaction with every project we deliver, so too is it imperative that every project we release meets our company standards, in order to maintain our national reputation as one of South Africa’s Top Video Production Companies.

With the latest state-of-the-art equipment, our team of industry experts will execute your production from concept to completion at world-class standards. From brainstorming, storyboarding, scripting, and pre-production all the way through to production and post-production, we have mastered the art of motion picture and storytelling across all genres and platforms. Our innate ability to construct emotionally engaging content that keep audiences intrigued and drives viewers to take action, is what sets Flash Forward apart from all video production companies in Johannesburg.

When looking for a video production company, it is always a good decision to keep everything under one roof instead of relying on multiple different providers across different genres of video and events production to all come to the table and deliver. By offering multiple service offerings, Flash Forward’s crew is able to take care of each and every aspect of the project, ultimately giving clients peace of mind knowing that they can deal with one point of contact and still receive a final product of the highest quality.



When the 2020 lockdown took the world by storm, everything froze; events across the globe were cancelled and the entertainment and video production industry came to a halt. Like every other company, we had to shut our doors.

The turning point came a few months later when the team reunited and the CEO, Ryan Peimer, laid down the following statement, “If we’re going to re-open our doors, we’re not going to reopen to survive; we’re going to reopen to THRIVE!”

The team was faced with a daunting question at the time: how could we continue to execute events for our clients during this phase with all these covid restrictions?

We started investigating what companies are doing for eventing solutions during COVID and we found that most were running bland non-interactive events on Zoom and MS Teams. We then had our aha moment: World-Class Virtual Event Experiences!

Take a look at how we Made Magic during COVID:

Affordable Video Production in Johannesburg

At Flash Forward Productions, we provide a personalized and intimate service to our clients. Our highly experienced video production team in Johannesburg is able to create a much more affordable video production service for our client’s needs in comparison to some of the larger video production companies with excessive overheads.

Our award-winning in-house directors and highly experienced production team with over 20 years’ experience, will facilitate the production from brief though to the final product, ensuring that the brand’s message is relayed throughout the video with its own unique style and creative touch.

With our intricate attention to detail and tailored approach to each project, not only is our turnaround time shorter than most video production companies, but our standard of quality is undoubtedly higher.

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Corporate Videos to Promote Your Business

One of the biggest advantages of producing a Corporate Video is that is helps you in reaching out to millions of people within a short time showcasing your brand or company

With motion picture, you can easily pass your marketing message more effectively eliminating the need to read large chunks of content

Videos increase the duration that a person spends on a web page. This is the best way to present your products, service and explain how they work

Past research shows than more than 79% of people prefer watching videos to reading text and with this a powerful medium, communication through a video can work wonders for your company

When searching on Google, websites with videos are given much higher priority than pictures and text, thus giving ranking you higher up on Google than your competitors

One of the best advantages of corporate video production is that it will last for years. Usually ads die out within a short time, but opposite is true with videos, so you will continue to reap benefits for years to come

Why our Video Production Company can meet your requirements

While most larger video production companies only specialize in one or two of the services, we have the ability to offer an array of services due to our versatile and experienced team of experts all under one roof.

Our Video Production Company strives to maintain our high standard of storytelling and cinematic execution while building solid ethical relationships with our clients and contractors and in doing so, we aim to uphold our consistent reputation as one of the top video production companies in South Africa. We have produced world-class content for numerous broadcasters such as Comedy Central, Multi-choice and Fashion One, with over 100 million viewers worldwide.

Our objective is to conceptualize and execute new and exciting content while relaying your brand message. While storytelling is our forte, our company caters for every area of a production from start to finish. We pride ourselves in following through on our promises and impressing clients, broadcasters, and the South African public by exceeding expectations with every new, exciting project we undertake.

Quote Options

Work Within Your Budget

At Flash Forward we work in alliance with your budget. We have implemented a very unique variable quoting system that gives you the choice to decide. Whether you go with our Premium, Standard or Budget option, we will be able to tailor our quotations to accommodate your budget requirements whilst still maintaining the finest level of production quality.