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Flash Forward Productions is high-end Multi Award Winning Global Film and Television and Live Streaming Production Company in South Africa specializing in Live Broadcast, Live Streaming Services and event coverage. Live streaming hasn’t been with us for too long, but it’s quickly gaining traction and attention of those who are always on a lookout for new and innovative ways of delivering content. Whether it’s an internal conference, a product launch, a live announcement, online class or church service, Flash Forward Productions will capture the event with anywhere from 2 to 16 cameras, cut and projected live to screen as well as Live Streamed to any platform of your choice.

Being the proud outside broadcast producers of the South African Comedy Awards, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and numerous live shows at Gold Reef City and Carnival City, we have mastered the art of Live Streaming and Multi Camera Production for the corporate industry and government at large. As one of the leading Live Streaming companies in South Africa, we have services some of the top blue chip companies such as IBM USA, Investec, De Beers, Standard Bank, Bidvest, Mercedes Benz, Nedbank, Nintendo, Microsoft and Growthpoint to name a few.

With our fully equipped outside broadcast van or flight kit for live mixing together with broadcast quality HD cameras operated by the very best, through the medium of multi-camera production, we will transform your show or event into a world-class production and stream it live to your staff, colleagues or the general public via Facebook, Youtube and / or your website.


80% of consumers prefer to watch live videos from a brand than read a blog and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

63% of people aged 18-34 watch live streaming content regularly

More than 1 in 5 Facebook videos are Live and are watched 3X longer than pre-recorded videos

67% of audiences who watched a live stream purchased a ticket to a similar event the next time it occurred

78% of online audiences are already watching video on Facebook Live

By 2020, live streaming is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic.

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Why use a Live Streaming Company?

Whether clients may be looking to stream a conference to employees around the country or perhaps stream a live show or launch to the general public, our live streaming services are not only bound to South Africa, but we live stream to and from any country in the world. Together with our high-speed servers running in the background and our tailored on-site internet connectivity, we will ensure that your event is not only captured in style but also live-streamed across multiple platforms in order to reach your desired audience or colleagues across the globe. Currently, more businesses and brands are experimenting with live streaming and the benefits that it provides for not only the business, but for consumers as well. For instance, Apple recently announced their new iPhone  at a conference that was live streamed which allowed consumers from all over the world, that couldn’t attend the event, to tune in. Aside from these benefits, live streaming provides a sense of excitement for your audience. The live stream itself is inherently about community. It makes your customers feel inclusive and exclusive simultaneously.

Aside from the live stream itself, businesses can record the broadcast and upload it onto a platform such as YouTube. This allows people who couldn’t tune into the live event to watch it at a later date. Once the recorded stream is uploaded onto YouTube, embed it onto your website and all the social media sites associated with your business. Live streaming also allows businesses the opportunity to interconnect and inter-promote their platforms. For instance, encouraging the audience to tweet questions or “like” you on Facebook is an effective method to quickly grow your social media presence with people who already care about your brand.


The biggest and the most powerful advantage of live streaming services is that viewers consume content on your time, and not on their time. This means that you are only engaging with people who find your content interesting and useful. You are automatically targeting content at the people who are more likely to convert and follow you further. No other content marketing channel is capable of achieving what live streaming does.

If you think about it, live streaming is incredibly affordable in comparison to most other marketing strategies; and it’s way more effective. The benefits of acquiring such a vast reach of viewers for such minimal costs, warrants the spend a no-brainer. The production  of TV commercials or Live Broacasts to telvision can go into the millions, whereas Live Streaming Companies are now able to offer the same quality of broadcast and coverage, but to keen viewers scrolling through their most addictive media platforms such as facebook and youtube.

Ther’s something about the word “LIVE” that just creates excitement. It’s not a video that was produced or an event that happened a week ago. It’s NOW! And if you don’t jump on the boat, you will miss out! One of the biggest reasons why live streaming companies is continuously making a dent in content marketing, is due to their ability to offer real-time user engagement and join a direct conversation with the influencer. Not only does it provide real-time engagement benefits to users, it also gives an opportunity for businesses to offer live support, Q&A sessions, and office tours.

If your event relies on advertising and sponsorships to cover your costs, live streaming is a fantastic additional source of revenue. You can offer a sponsorship package for a single advertiser to have their name and logo appear throughout the entirety of your event or you can consider charging viewers a small fee in exchange for access to the live feed. You can even partner with an organization to allow them to use the live stream of your event as content on their own site. Because live streaming can be a relatively inexpensive activity to execute, you should more than recoup the costs of the streaming equipment & crew through the profits collected from this type of sponsorship and affiliation.

The internet is an immeasurably large place. A live streaming event gives access to consumers who wouldn’t have otherwise participated in the announcement, forum, conference, launch or whatever event your business chooses to host. For businesses that engage in live streaming events with question and answer sessions, this allows the viewer from home to participate. People who never otherwise would’ve engaged with your content, suddenly tune in because it’s LIVE; and.. if the content is interesting, they will follow you on all your platforms thereafter. Whether you're looking to increase physical attendance for future events or are just looking for an additional revenue stream to help offset the costs of running a conference, a live streaming company is an effective choice in order to achieve this.

Why Choose Flash Forward

our working processin 3 simple steps

Video production can be a daunting task but at Flash Forward Productions, we like to keep things simple & straightforward...

Concept Development

•Client Briefing
• Creative Brainstorming
• Scripting

Content For Production

• Pre-Production
• Planning
• Filming

Post Production

• Editing & Animation
• Music, Voiceover & Sound
• Delivery to Client

Quote Options

Work Within Your Budget

At Flash Forward we work in alliance with your budget. We have implemented a very unique variable quoting system that gives you the choice to decide. Whether you go with our Premium, Standard or Budget option, we will be able to tailor our quotations to accommodate your budget requirements whilst still maintaining the finest level of production quality.

Meet The Team

Flash Forward consists of a young highly talented team of experts in their fields; from multi-award winning directors and producers to cinematographers, camera operators, editors and animators. Every member of our team understands the uncompromising standard of quality that Flash Forward represents and while it is imperative for us to ensure client satisfaction with every project we deliver, so too is it imperative that every project we release meets our company standards, in order to maintain our national reputation as one of South Africa’s Top Video Production Companies.

With the latest state of the art equipment, our team of industry experts will execute your production from concept to completion at world-class standards. From brainstorming, storyboarding, scripting and pre-production all the way through to production and post-production, we have mastered the art of motion picture and storytelling across all genres and platforms. Our innate ability to construct emotionally engaging content that keep audiences intrigued or drives viewers to take action, is what sets Flash Forward aside from all video production companies in Johannesburg.

When looking for a video production company, it is always a good decision to keep everything under one roof instead of relying on multiple different providers across different genres of video production to all come to the table and deliver. By offering a magnitude of service offerings, Flash Forward’s crew is able to take care of each and every aspect of the project, ultimately giving clients peace of mind knowing that they can deal with one point of contact and still receive a final product of the highest quality.