Flash Forward Productions is one of SA’s Leaders in Virtual Eventing, Remote Video Conferencing and Webinar Production. With over 18 years of experience, we specialize in transforming physical events into world-class Virtual Events. With the ability to utilize any webinar-based platform of your choice, we deal with everything from invitations, to guest management, to technical engineering through to detailed reporting and post-event analytics. Our Remote Video conferencing solution allows for switching between panelists’ cameras, breakaway rooms, a chat feature, Q&As from the audience either via text, audio or video, polls, video playbacks, PowerPoint presentations and more.

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Why most Companies

are switching to Virtual Eventing

Odds are you’ve attended a zoom meeting / event or a webinar online, but 3D Virtual Eventing takes Online Eventing and Conferencing to the next level!


Ever since the Global Pandemic took the world by storm, most large organisations and global conferences have switched to virtual eventing and such a switch is imperative, not only to prevent massive financial loss, but to transform, adapt and stay ahead of their competitors during these uncertain times.

While we may not be able to have Live Events for a long unknown period, it’s imperative to ensure that your vital content is still transferred to your audience and that the company continues generating revenue in order to keep afloat.

But while it may be impossible to meet in person during these times, there’s no reason to cancel your event completely when there are World-Class 3D Virtual Eventing Solutions at your disposal. Virtual events are quickly becoming the norm - at least for now; in order to deliver your company’s message to drive leads and revenue, drive adoption and build loyalty and lifetime value.

Make no mistake of thinking of virtual events as a secondary solution, but as value-added, engagement-driven, augmented reality experiences, accessible globally that will create an impactful event that extends well-beyond a computer screen. Meeting and event planners have been making the choice between in-person, virtual, and hybrid events for years and COVID-19 may just be the push we’ve all needed to take the next step and transform the global eventing space.

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At Flash Forward we work in alliance with your budget. We have implemented a very unique variable quoting system that gives you the choice to decide. Whether you go with our Premium, Standard or Budget option, we will be able to tailor our quotations to accommodate your budget requirements whilst still maintaining the finest level of production quality.