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Due to the constraints of the current pandemic, corporates are now hosting conferences or events at a small venue, in studio or at their offices with only the relevant speakers and panelists. However, due to travel restrictions, we have implemented a hybrid solution whereby numerous speakers or panelists can actively participate in the event or conference remotely with full live interactivity.

While you may have your host and some panelists in studio, with our hybrid solution, we are able to bring additional speakers up on the screens in the studio to converse with all the physically present panelists allowing for a fully integrated live virtual discussion; not to mention the ability to include PowerPoint presentations, animation overlay and video playbacks.

While the pandemic may have affected our ability to host large events, it should not affect your ability to broadcast your content to your staff, clients and / or the general public.

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Virtual events can be held for pennies compared to in-person events. One of the biggest roadblocks to event attendance is travel costs: vehicle rental, petrol, airfare, dinners, hotels, etc. With a virtual event, the attendee only needs a computer or smart device and an internet connection.

Further still, it makes it harder to find great speakers for your events as these people are always in high demand, with a high cost, especially if they have to travel to your event. But, when you take away the need to travel, you open up a lot of possibilities; it’s much easier to book a 90-minute virtual keynote than it is a multi-day visit. Likewise, many virtual event presentations can be recorded in advance, which provides even greater scheduling flexibility for busy presenters.

Like in-person events, feedback is crucial for virtual events. But unlike inperson events, attendees are constantly online, which means they can easily answer real-time polls or surveys in sessions. Through virtual events businesses can obtain instant feedback using real-time interactive features like polling and Q&As. Not only will this real-time feedback help presenters gauge how their session is going (which is especially valuable since these presenters cannot see attendees’ faces during some virtual events), but it will also be useful to measure the overall success of your virtual event.

Because virtual events are less expensive and allow you to draw from a geographically diverse pool of attendees, focusing events on niche topics has become a lot more profitable. You can impress prospective customers with your depth of knowledge and stand out from events that just skim the surface. Also, attendees who attend a narrowly focused event are more likely to be serious about your product or service.

Most in-person events can only scale as big as the venue they’re held in. In fact, many events end up with long waiting lists as event interest is higher than venue capacity. But virtual events can scale as big and fast as you need - especially if you use a dedicated streaming platform rather than a videoconferencing service. With our dedicated platforms, we are able to scale and accommodate any number of attendees, without sacrificing on quality and reliability.

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When time is precious or even business critical, removing the need to travel and time away from the workplace brings benefits to both the individual and the wider organization. Virtual events, are often shorter, with carefully choreographed content ensuring the key messages are delivered in a concise and effective manner.

For large businesses operating over multi-site locations, the logistics and costs of bringing a large audience together in one place sometimes make the possibility of an event impractical and cost prohibitive, but multi-site Virtual Events linking these live audiences together are being seen as the modern solution.

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