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With our custom developed virtual expo solution, you are now able to host LIVE exhibitions where delegates can login to the exhibition, navigate their way around the virtual 3D environment and click on each stand as they wish whereby they are transported to a LIVE Stream of the exhibitor pitching their product or service.

With our state of the art technology, delegates can ask exhibitors questions in real-time, purchase their products, download product information and even request a 1 on 1 meeting with the exhibitor, thus upholding the fundamental purpose of exhibitions; relationship building and networking. Besides for our fully customisable front-end interface according to your required CI and colour scheme, we have also included an e-commerce ticketing system with guest management and comms. We have further included breakaway rooms for networking, merchandise, social media sharing, a photo booth and live technical support.

With our VEXPO solution, delegates from all around the world can now tune into a fully immersive LIVE interactive experience that retains all the vital components of a physical exhibition, with the only difference being that it’s a hybrid between physical and virtual, thus saving an unspoken amount of travel costs and accommodation, thus allowing for wider unlimited global exposure.


VEXPO can be used for multiple different events and conferences that require different
conference rooms, stages or venues that require simultaneous live streaming.

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4 Benefits


Drastic Cost Saving

You guessed it… more money in your pocket! Virtual trade shows and exhibitions mean hosts can save a ton of money on travel, lodging, promotional items, and other costly expenses typically associated with physical trade shows. The reduced cost of virtual exhibiting allows many more delegates to participate due to the affordability based on economies of scale.

Global Unlimited Access

Virtual exhibitions are easier for attendees to join because there is no travel involved (particularly international) and there is no minimum space requirement, so you can fit as many as you’d like. It's as simple as logging on from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone. The best part? Online trade shows and xhibitions also allow you to track those self-qualified leads.

Detailed Data Acquisition

At physical conferences, you usually just get a standard attendance report. With virtual exhibitions, reporting and analytics track every move attendees make. You know where they came from, where they went, what they did, with whom they chatted and which videos they watched. On the lead nurturing front, by knowing how many attendees viewed and/or downloaded a piece of collateral, you can tailor your future marketing material and conversations around the content that your qualified leads found valuable.

Better User Experience

Virtual exhibitions deliver a better end-user experience for delegates due to their freedom of choice and discretionary switching of content as they wish. Instead of sitting in long, boring training sessions, attendees are given the freedom to take control of the learning process. By introducing “on-demand” education where delegates can choose which virtual booths to visit, what content to review and what webinars they would like to attend, allows for an experience that ramps up their interest and engagement.

Stay Ahead


If there’s one thing people respect, it's an organisation whose people have a spirit of
resilience and innovation. Being able to quickly embrace change with such a great leap can
position your brand in favourable light among your audience. In addition to being a leading
example in your industry, hosting a virtual event helps you improve your brand strategy as
more people are drawn to fresh and new experiences like this.

This is your chance to turn your attendees into subscribers who will eventually become
customers and then brand ambassadors. Virtual events have the potential to get that whole
process going at a faster speed by virtue of every action taking place online. You can also get
creative and run pre-event brand activities online that can build hype towards the event and
continue after. At the end of the day, taking your live event virtual is about more than
generating revenue and delivering the training your members need. It’s about transforming
your association and creating blended offerings - attracting people who want to be there in
person and opening the door to those who otherwise would be unable to attend. That’s how
you can get through the crisis that’s at our doorstep now and thrive down the road.

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